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The Journey of a woman is complex and powerful. Over time, as women, we have learned to conform to societal standards, that push us against our natural and primal nature. WomanHood explores the dynamics of our divine existence, helping us to reclaim our innocence, our sense of self and empowering us to stand in and embrace our full essence. 

Here we explore stereotypes and stigmas we have embodied, traumas we've been yearning to express, but have had no context on how or what that even means for us. We focus on cultivating and embodying self-awareness, learning about all the intimate and powerful parts of us, and how to integrate them as a whole!

A Journey Through All The Phases of Womanhood

Womanhood is different for each of us, and we have all experienced our journey through our own perspective. This sacred space offers a chance at new perspectives & community- you are not alone, and healing was never meant to be a solo thing. We make sure you are educated, because it's one thing to pay for a service and benefit, but it is even more empowering to gain knowledge about YOURSELF, so that you will always be fully equipped with the wisdom and tools you require on your journey! In a world that is always telling us who we need to be, here we hold space to be ourselves, unapologetically!

The goal of this offering is not to "show" you how to "be a woman". It's not to teach you about the aesthetics or copy paste mold of common representations of the created genre of the divine feminine. The goal is to shine a light on the power you already have, as the woman you ALREADY are. Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to see our True potential. Sometimes it takes another pair of hands to help us build ourselves up! We are here to embrace ourselves as we are and learn how powerful it is to be as unique! The only way to "be a woman", is to embrace who you are to the fullest of your ability! Whether you have been defined as tomboy, queer, masculine, feminine, girly etc., who you are to YOU is our focus and guiding light!

We invite you to explore the offerings below, and hope that they inspire you to join us on your journey to self-love and awareness!

“You are not alone, healing was never meant to be a solo thing.”
-D. Woodring

Healing Offerings

Here you will find healing offerings that are currently available at the moment. Each offering is a guideline, while each session is intimately tailored to meet your individual needs. Take a look around, is there something that sticks out to you the most? See something that makes you want to click away? Have a chat with me and let's explore what that could mean for you!

We love what we do, and we always do more than expected. We take great pride in the quality of our care and service. We are inspired by women everywhere, who are seeking deeper, love-centered and abundant lives. Women are the foundation of creation of humanity and play a very valuable and important role in the development of the world. We have learned that when we, as women are at a disconnect with ourselves, our roots, our purpose, the world around us seems small, healing seems hard, and growth seems scary.


Women carry the vibration that nurtures life, that nourishes on the mental, emotional and physical plane. We are intuition embodied, living water and life force that shapes the state of the world and all that resides within it. As we look at the state of the world over the years, and the treatment of its women, you can see a direct correlation to the disharmony, pain, war, violence and suffering in this world.


Women have suffered and have been fighting for a long time, defending our identities, protecting our hearts and doing our best to grow and cope, while we live with the blisters and scars of our trauma. We can see our world struggling with those same values and that's what makes True Power Community Healing a powerful and valuable asset to the community! Our goal is to make healing, growth, spiritual education, development, success and sisterhood a priority and accessible to all women and young girls in need of guidance, locally and across the globe.

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