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Art is and has always been my safe haven. A place where I could be myself, or whoever I wanted to be. A place where I could express myself, without the judgments or opinions of others. I was all over the place as a child. I felt obligated to maintain a certain image, I didn't want to be perceived as the bad kid, or the mean girl. However, I still ended up embodying each of those roles. I was pretty young, angry, and often rebelling. I could be shy or reserved, or loud and rambunctious. I had so many different expressions of who I was but felt the need to limit them all too often.

Arts like dance, photography, cinematography, drawing & painting became my refuge. I am trained in some areas, self-taught in others. Creating different pieces to match my moods, my circumstances and my aspirations. As time has passed, I have learned more about mixed media and digital art, as well as other beautiful mediums such as sculpting, and textile art. All of these things help me to reflect on myself, they help me to see how my energy, my thoughts and emotions are physically affecting my body. I'm able to see on paper what rage or hatred looks like. I'm able to capture a self-portrait that reflects my joy and my desires.

I am not just an artist, I am art! Art has helped me to evolve as a woman of color, a mother, a partner, a teacher and healer. Art is who I am, what I eat, speak and breathe. I am always creating something powerful. Everything that I am offering here has been my personal experience. Every activity created, I first created for myself, embodied it and woo chiiiiile, it has definitely been a journey! That is why I am both honored and inspired to share with you these beautiful offerings at IN TRUE POWER, because I know how transformative, freeing and empowering they are! It is my pleasure to meet you!

“I don’t go nowhere no more. I can’t hear nothing. I don’t need nothing. I got it all here. ”


- Mary T. Smith

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