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Photo By Ether

I have always had a deep love for life and the beautiful things we find in it, despite troubling and challenging times I have experienced. I lived a life where I wore a mask, to hide my truth, to hide my beauty, to hide my intelligence.  I did what I had to "fit in" yet I was always left feeling unfulfilled, unworthy and unloved. Even more, 

I have experienced sexual trauma, physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse. I have lived a lifestyle that was toxic and self-destructive. I have been entangled in the grasp of generational curses, and I have struggled with finding the power within my own voice. I found comfort in outlets such as dance, music and photography. They gave me a safe space to explore, release and reclaim myself despite the challenges I have endured.

True Power was born out of my own needs, desires, pains and longings. It is a manifestation of my earnest cry out to my Creator, a series of life events that has culminated into life skills, spiritual growth and development; as a result I have learned acceptance, accountability and self-love. My life path led me to became a dance teacher, a mother, and here I am now, sharing with you my journey, my struggle, my triumph and my success! I have healed from many experiences and wish that others have the space to experience this as well!

I have always had a deep love for nature as well as the arts, and I have used my background and love of both of these elements to heal my own wounds, while creating a guideline and safe space for others to do the same.  I have taken my love of teaching, dance, visual arts, musical arts, and healing arts, to bring love, wellness and stability to the community.

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2010-2012

  • Mind Body Wellness Practitioner

  • Holistic Nutrition Specialist

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Health & Wellness Coach

Centre Of Excellence Master Herbalist Certification 2021-2023

  • Master Herbalist

Birth Doula Certification Course 2023

  • Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula & Self Care and Spiritual Wellness Doula

Intuitive Reader

  • Spiritual Support & Coaching

Usui Reiki Master  & Crystal Healer 2012-2023


  • Spiritual, Empowerment, Storytelling, and More!


Music has always been my sanctuary. Sound is such a healing mechanism.
I used to make music that I thought the world wanted to hear, now I create scenes that I feel the world can use to heal. I found that I can hear the frequency of nature and I combine that with the colors I see in the sound. I create a healing sound bath for the soul.

I remember when I was younger, I would play Earth, Wind and Fire over and over and over again. The Stylistics too! I would be drawn in by the horns, the beat of the drums, and the vocals.


All of that I could feel inside of me deep, touching a memory that needed to be pulled forth and exorcised. When I got older, that feeling the music gave me never left and I made the correlation that it was healing something in me. That made me realize what was needed in this world of trauma. I started making music with a healing frequency and the intent of love accountability and acceptance.

Music Producer & Engineer

  • Cinematic Score Production

  • Independant Music Production

  • Play & Theatrical Score Production

I focus on artistic, spiritual and raw creative works for Film, Theatrical Production, Retreat, Video Game and other media. I also create musical compositions for vocal artists, dancers and spoken word artists. 

Sound Alchemist

  • Sound Therapy Through Music Production

I use my music to help tighten up your frequencies, as well as to help you purge your mind, body and spirit. Each melody is fine-tuned and created specifically for you, helping to realign, restore and rebalance the energetic systems of your body.


  • Raw Images, Fashion Editorial, Storytelling, Candid Lifestyle Images

I like to capture life in action. While I love a good, posed shoot, I love to show a glimpse into the world behind the scenes, in all its raw beauty and glory!

How We Met

We met through mutual friends who are also artists. We had been around each other before, but the second time that we met, there was an instant connection. As time went on, we became good friends, learning, growing and healing trauma together. We began working together and creating together. We knew that healing was not something we were meant to do alone, and that it required other individuals to help us see the many facets of ourselves. Out of this, we began piecing together True Power- which over the years, has been many different versions of where we are now.

We have been by one another's side ever since, working to evolve and to spread our love. We understand the importance of personal development, because it helps us each as individuals to have a better relationship with ourselves, in turn having deeper, more fulfilling relationships and connections with others and the world around us. We thank you for taking interest in what we have to offer, and hope to see your face among our loving community!

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