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True Power Portrait Sessions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we know its true! There is so much beauty and power that can be found in a simple image. We use our art to help convey what we see in the spirit! To encourage and empower those who journey with us in our realm of creative expression. 


Our work is about the human connection to Self, Spirit, our own deeper Callings, our connection to Earth. It's about our ability to love, heal, grow , learn and evolve. To embrace ourselves in every phase of our lives, unapologetically, with grace and accountability.

Areas Of Focus

Each session that we create tells a story. YOUR STORY. We know that there are many facets to the human existence, and we love to explore them! Through art, we are helping women to tap into their hidden potential, we are helping women to explore the different possibilities of what life looks like for them, we are helping women to see themselves from a more loving, inspiring and powerful point of view. While this service focuses primarily on women, we do offer our photographic services to all who seek our vibe

These are the current areas we focus on in our creative sessions. 

Session Flow

Each session is styled, planned, created and shot by Ether and I. Together, we work to create a session that best suits your vibe, taking all of the guesswork and anxiety out of the process. With a down to earth attitude and an open and inviting energy, we create a safe and comfortable environment for you to shine your light! Don't know what to wear? No problem! We create vision boards full of ideas to help you along the way, and even provide personal styling. Worried about how to pose? No worries! We provide you with easy-to-follow direction, gentle and simple posing to help you feel your best and most confident!




2hr Photo Session 

1 Location

2 Wardrobe Changes

Light Make-Up

45+ Digital Images, Lightly Retouched


25% Deposit due upon booking to reserve space. Payment Plans are available in 2 or 4 easy installments, due 3-5 days before session date. Plans are discussed upon booking.

To book a consultation, fill out the form be, and we will be in touch soon!


Deep Diver

4hr Photo Session

2 Locations

4 Wardrobe Changes

Light-Make Up

100+ Digital Images, Lightly Retouched



Spiritual & Artistic Branding Portraits

3 Custom Sets & Themes

33 Digital Images Per Set, Lightly Retouched

Social Media Package that includes, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & social media ready ads, customized (45 Images).

GIFs (5) & Short Video Ads (5)

3 Business Card Templates 


Our Clients Say

"Hi, there. My name is Desmond Cotton. I just want to say that working with Damara Woodring AKA Portrait Priestess was amazing. I absolutely loved how comfortable she made me feel. I have worked with other photographers in the past. Not a single one of them made me feel as comfortable as I did with Portrait Priestess. I also loved how she captured me in an artistically divine way. If I worked with another photographer, I do not know if that level of artistry would have been translated. I love the Portrait Priestess. And I would absolutely love to do more photoshoots with her.”
                                                - Desmond Cotton 

Desmond Cotton, Dancer, Instructor, Muse

Session Details


Our photo journey leads you on the road to beauty, healing and expression. You can choose to book your session outdoors, in the beauty and majesty of nature, or you can enjoy an intimate shoot here in our studio. Either way, you will fully enjoy yourself, as we work together to create beautiful works of art!

Each of our sessions begin & end with a heart-centered grounding affirmation, helping us to be open and embrace what is waiting to unfold before us! We meet for our sessions, longer sessions will always have complimentary snacks, we do the damn thang, and then we get to work on your beautiful images!  Once the photos are complete, we schedule a viewing session, either in person or via video-chat/email, so that you can choose your favorite images! We make the process as simple as possible, to ensure a stress free and completely enjoyable photographic experience! View our session details below!