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Welcome to my private art gallery, a sacred and intimate space honoring the journeys of women of color towards healing and empowerment. Here you will find Photographic & Cinematic works of art, from my personal & private collections that boldly touch on crucial topics like women's rights, abuse, trauma, and other significant issues that affect us, as women of color.


These galleries also reflect the beauty, the juiciness, the sensual and sexual beings that we are. I share creations meant to ring women of color joy, ease and pleasure. Creating visuals and photographic experiences that show the elegance, the luxuriousness, the fierceness, then gentle and kindness of women of color.



The purpose of this gallery is to raise money to support the purchase a physical space In True Power He(ART) Center. This physical center will offer low costing to free courses, workshops and artistic services to young girls & women of color in the Wisconsin/Illinois/Indiana/Michigan areas. Your support helps to fund projects like short films, art exhibitions, traveling workshops & more, that share the stories, situations, experiences of women of color. 




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