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Community Healing

At True Power, we offer services that are geared toward whole body, mind and spiritual development. Our services are meant to assist those on their healing journey to know, grow and understand their power, and how they can apply these skills to creating the love-led and filled lives. Our services help instill self-love, gratitude and sisterhood, with a unique focus and emphasis on self-exploration and trauma informed healing. We encourage the exploration of our trauma, our joys and goals through creative expression.



From adolescence to adulthood, we are always seeking to learn, love and know ourselves more deeply. WomanHood is a series of offerings that encompasses all the various phases of womanhood. For women who want to reclaim themselves, reconnect to ancestral knowledge, heal their womb space, rekindle the magic of self-love, have a deeper connection to their womb space and to the earth around them. For the mothers who want to learn and reconnect with their daughter, for the young women, just coming into womanhood, who are seeking answers, comfort and confidence on their new body journey and changes. For women seeking to understand and to learn how to embrace and transform their TRUE POWER!

Energy Healing

Energy is all around us, and always at work in our lives. This service offers a series of healing sessions designed to you rebalance, recalibrate and restore the body, mind and emotions, while strengthening and deepening our spiritual connection and foundation. We focus on energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Laying of Hands, Spiritual Baths and Cleanses, Crystal and Sound Therapy.

Art Alchemy

Here we offer creative services such as Portrait and Branding Photography and well as Music Production, Film & Musical Score Production. we help to bring your vision to life, or we help you to see yourself, your business, your projects and journey though empowering, creative and raw artistic works!

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