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Welcome! This will be considered your home page. The link you have been provided with is private, and should not be shared with anyone, or viewed by anyone but you, to preserve the integrity of the project and of my intellectual works. Each week I will post our journal questions here, and an itinerary for what will occur during our meet-up. This will serve as a guideline to keep us on track with our project.

Each time there is a change to this page, you will receive a link, to notify you.


Flow & Process

Month 1-Week 1 Itinerary

Theme 1: The Rage

  • Objective: Express, define, and explore the rage experienced by each woman

  • Artistic projects:

    • Expressing & Releasing physical rage, in nature

    • Expressing rage through paint 

    • Expressing rage through movement

  • Filming and Photography:

    • Document the process of channeling rage into art

    • Interviews with participants discussing their experiences and reflections on rage

Month 1 -Women and Rage- Week 1


Rage is a powerful emotion that can have a significant impact on both our physical and emotional well-being. It is important for women to delve deep into their experiences with rage, understanding how it affects them and exploring the unique challenges faced by BIWOC who experience this intense emotion. In this article, we will explore 12 heartfelt and deep questions for women about rage, over the next few weeks, providing insights and guidance for self-reflection and growth. 

Rage is a complex and deeply personal emotion that needs to be examined and understood. By asking ourselves these heartfelt and deep questions, we can gain insight into how rage affects us, particularly as BIWOC. Remember, healing takes time and patience, but with self-reflection and the support of a community, we can transform our rage into a force for positive change.

Here are the first 3 questions for week 1.

1. How does society perceive women's rage?

Women expressing anger or rage often face a double standard compared to men. Society tends to view women's anger as irrational or overly emotional, invalidating their feelings and experiences. This perception can make it difficult for women to express their rage without fear of being dismissed or labeled as "angry" or "hysterical."

2. What are the root causes of rage in your womanhood?

Rage in womanhood can stem from a wide range of sources, including societal expectations, inequality, trauma, and the suppression of emotions. Many women experience anger as a response to feeling unheard, marginalized, or oppressed. It is important to recognize and validate these underlying causes to effectively address and understand women's rage.


3. How does rage manifest in daily life, relationships, environments?

Rage can manifest differently for each individual, but some common expressions include outbursts of anger, passive-aggressive behavior, internalizing emotions, or self-destructive tendencies. Women may also experience physical symptoms such as headaches, tension, or tightness in the body. Recognizing these manifestations is essential for promoting emotional well-being.


Our Focus Week 1 Meeting



On our first meeting, I have a set of questions that I will be asking you. We will record this interview!

I would like to meet this Friday November 10th, starting at  9am and interview in your home, around all of your art. Please confirm that this time is ok.

The interview should take about 20 to 30 minutes, and then we will move onto our first photoshoot.



We will do our first photoshoot on this day. This will be a simple shoot.


You should wear a plain tank top, or tube top. A nice skirt, can be short or long, flowy or fit, as long as you feel comfortable and beautiful in.


 No make-up or jewelry. This will be a 15 minute photoshoot!


Art Activity

We will be finding a space in nature, either at the lake or at the forest, to release our most primal screams and shouts.

We will do so without inhibitions, as long as we want, as loud as we want. When we are complete, I or Ether will conduct an interview to record our experience. 

This will be followed up by a grounding and affirming meditation, to help us settle our energy.


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