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Meet Damara & Ether

We are here to serve as guides on your journey through life. We've spent a lot of time in the shadows, and we know what it's like to feel stuck or lost on your path. We know what it's like to be women in a world that works so hard to control you. 

 We recognize the power art to transform our own lives and are excited to share our Sacre He{art} Center with the BIWOC, as it has served as a powerful tool in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth and development. Learn more about our journey here!

Our Focus

Welcome! It is truly a pleasure to present to you our beautiful creation. In True Power-Sacred He{art} Therapy Center is a spiritual safe haven dedicated to the creative, physical and spiritual growth and development of Black Women! Here we teach women Spiritual Education through the arts, helping us connect to the wisdom of our True Nature and our True Power!​ We are here to help women remember who they truly are, and learn how to simply be, no matter what phase of life they may be in.

At In True Power, we recognize that there are certain needs that aren't being met in our communities, especially when it comes to the needs of young girls and women. As a people, we are hungering for more love, more peace, more wealth, more wellness. As Women, we are actively healing and seeking to understand ourselves more deeply, in a healthy and expressive way. We are seeking more honest and wholesome connections. We are asking ourselves what building a legacy looks like, and how we can achieve this goal.


We study the light and dark areas of our hearts and minds, while we study the art of light and shadows in our artistic creations, so that we may learn to live beyond survival, so that we may flourish, heal, grow and achieve what it is we have sought! We use beautiful mediums of art such as photography, music, digital art, mixed media and more, to help Black Women tap into their core energy and explore their hearts, minds and spirits. We have developed tools to help us focus on areas such as:

Mental/Emotional Wellness

Healing Trauma & Breaking Generational Curses

Self Love, Acceptance & Accountability

Intuition, Energy & Spiritual Alignment

Body Image & Appreciation

Patriarchal/ Religious Psychosis, PTSD

Self-Awareness & Realization

Womanhood, Sisterhood, Motherhood

Manifesting  Our Reality

Inner Voice & Creative Expression

Healthy REALationships, Intimacy, Foundation Building

Inner Child Healing, Reclaiming our Innocence

"A little love goes a long way. Be kind to yourself."
-D. Woodring

At True Power, we have learned that healing, growth, success, and even unity, can all be embraced and experienced by applying some simple core values.


We know that with time, honesty, commitment and gratitude, that the world we seek can be created with our own hands, with patience, love and understanding. Click on the tabs below to view our core values!

Time is said to be an illusion; however, everything has its own "time". There is something truly special about when we choose to devote time to any cause, magic happens! Things gets done (or undone)! By CHOOSING to devote time to OURSELVES, we honor our existence, our purpose and path here, even if we aren't always quite sure of it. We can't rush it or slow it down. It always is there - right as it is needed.



Welcome Home To You!

“You can’t sit around and wait for somebody to say who you are. You need to write it and paint it and do it.”

-Faith Ringgold

Take a look around the He{art} Center! You're sure to find something that suits your needs! We offer services like photography and music production. We also offer courses, meditations, creative meetups and more. Whether you're seeking healing, inspiration or both, we are honored and thrilled to be a safe space to facilitate your journey! Welcome back home to YOU!

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