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"He{art} Therapy For BIWOC" is an incredibly transformative experience that combines the power of audio, visual, and photographic documentary styled presentation, with elements to help heal and empower women of color,  Located in Milwaukee, WI. Through various art forms, such as mixed media art and photography, this three-month long journey aims to provide a safe and expressive space for three exceptional women.


By using art as a tool for healing, participants have the opportunity to not only discover their true selves but also to delve into the depths of their emotions and experiences.


This unique approach acknowledges the specific challenges and obstacles faced by BIWOC and offers a platform for healing, expression, exploration, and celebration. The empathetic tone of this initiative reflects the understanding that art can be a powerful tool for healing, allowing individuals to find solace, strength, and community in their personal journeys. 



Our Focus

Through the mediums of photography, mixed media art, open discussions and journaling, each woman will have the opportunity to express their emotions, explore healing and transformation, and empower themselves.  This is an intimate journey, between women, who will be journeying together, sharing together and healing together. The project will culminate in a public art exhibition and film screening to share the participants' inspiring journeys.


The ultimate goal of this project is to provide BIWOC with healthy, creative and powerful outlet to express themselves, to help us move beyond stigmas & stereotypes. To give voice to our own stories, to help us articulate and express what words could not convey, and to give the community around us a glimpse at life through our eyes. To bring awareness to BIWOC communities and create safe spaces, start important conversations about healing ourselves and building strong communities. To showcase the power, value, beauty and influence of BIWOC.

We are currently seeking three remarkable women who resonate with our powerful themes listed below.

We believe that through art, we can unravel the layers of our existence and create something truly extraordinary. So, if these themes resonate with you, we implore you to step into this creative opportunity and let your voice be heard. Enlighten, inspire, and be a catalyst for change. Together, we can build something beautiful!

The Rage

Are you ready to express, define, and explore the deep and complex emotions of rage within your unique experiences? We believe that by delving into this raw and often misunderstood emotion, we can spark intense conversations and inspire personal growth.

The Innocence

Are you longing to reclaim your body and rewrite the narratives surrounding it? We are searching for women who are eager to share their stories without judgment, creating beautiful and authentic narratives that challenge societal norms. Together, we can celebrate the beauty and resilience of the human form. 

The Rebirth

Rebirth. Are you curious about starting anew and the endless possibilities that it brings? We invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the concept of rebirth and the transformative power it holds. 

Who we're looking for...



BIWOC who are seeking creative, healthy and transformative ways of managing emotions, stress and trauma.



BIWOC who are ready to explore the beautiful, wild and vulnerable aspects of who they are, without inhibitions or expectations.


Generational Curse Breakers

BIWOC who are actively breaking generational curses & seeking creative and healthy ways to support their growth and healing.


Bare Truth

Comfortable with being presented in the nude. This is a documentary style film as well as an art installation, that will be open to public viewers.


Open Hearts

BIWOC who are actively seeking to express their truth, who are ready to be raw & honest with themselves.


Important Questions

Here are common questions you might have about this project. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me at INTRUEPOWER@GMAIL.COM

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What purpose does the nudity serve?

As a means to decolonize our minds and desexualize our bodies. Removing the stigma of shame, exposing truth, healing and catharsis. We were born naked. To return to the wisdom of our bodies. As a symbol of purity, originality, unique and sacred. 

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Do I get to keep my artwork? Does it cost?

Absolutely! Each participant will receive free digital copies of their photographic pieces, after installation is complete, each participant will be able to take home their physical sculptures. There is no cost for any part of this process.

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Why is it being photographed and filmed?

This is a documentary styled film, as well as a photographic & mixed media art installation. It is telling OUR stories, in our own words, sharing OUR creative expression, journeying and healing together. This deserves to be shared with those who desire to see it. It creates community, safe spaces and opens the floor to all who are seeking creative and healthy ways to heal and express themselves.

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Where will this take place?

This project takes place in Milwaukee, WI. Projects are completed in my studio, as well in specially selected places in nature.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Fill out the form and we will get back to you within 48 hours! We can't wait to work with you!

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