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Raw Beauty

Empowering women to explore their bodies through fine art portrait photography and mixed media art. The focus of this session is to help women celebrate their bodies, removing the patriarchal and colonized perception. 

Explore. Expose. Express.

De-sexualizing what is natural & beautiful and powerful. Embracing hips, breasts, bellies, ass, and thighs. Loving on our stretch marks, body rolls, beauty marks, scars and so-called blemishes. Removing the stigma of being unclean, un-pure, and unworthy. Removing the psychosis that we are less than, based off of any comparison that could ever be made against us. ​To help Women of Color reclaim our innocence, to reclaim our stories and create a narrative that expresses our TRUTH!

Powerful. Primal. Beautiful.

Whether fully dressed or tastefully nude, Raw Beauty shoots help women to celebrate their bodies and appreciate them from the inside out. Sometimes we know we look good on the outside, but need a little bit of encouragement when it comes to our inner confidence. We strive to help women embody themselves, no matter age, orientation or ability, shape or size!

No matter what phase of life you're in, we encourage you to document your journey with us! Raw Beauty is about embracing all the parts of who we are, the parts we love and admire, and also the parts that we find terrifying or hard to look at! When we are doing are best and life is good, as well as when we are having a challenging time, and things seem so chaotic. 

Raw Beauty sessions encourage us to see the beauty in all the parts of who we are, even when we have learned to think otherwise!

The Process

These sessions are conducted in my home studio and in beautiful natural locations that I adore! I love combining the power of nature, with the glory, power and beauty of our bodies! This session does not include make-up,  as I would like to showcase your natural state, however, you are welcome to wear your own if you desire.

The session includes:

  • 2.5 hrs. Photo Session

  • Creative Wardobe Options

  • 2 wardrobe changes/ 1 Location

  • 25+ Digital Imagaes, Lightly Retouched

  • 1  complementary 8.5x11in Print of your choice


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