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Our day to day lives are packed full of magical moments. The time we spend with our friends, family, our achievements and celebrations. Milestones that we've reached in life, or even hard moments of release and reflection- we are living in a time where documenting our lives is more than just a trend- we are seeking to preserve parts of ourselves, moments in time that made us feel so deeply, so proudly, so transformative!

Areas Of Focus

The Sessions

Artistic Branding & Content Creation

We help you tell the story of your spiritual or artistic business with passion and creativity! Work together with us, to help bring the vision of your business to life. We help you present your products, services & events in a way that people can resonate and vibe with connection is our goal!  

Our Branding Package includes:

  • 3 Custom Sets & Themes or Locations

  • 33 Digital Images Per Set, Lightly Retouched

  • Social Media Package that includes, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & social media ready ads, customized (45 Images).

  • 3 Business Card Templates 

  • Spotlight Feature In True Power  Social Media- Creator of The Month


Love & Family

We are here to capture the intimate moments you share between you, your partner, your family and friends. Sometimes we just need a reminder of what we have, and what better way than by coming together in Love. Having a small gathering (of no more than 7-10 people) to celebrate your engagement? Want to have a girl's night in, and capture the fun? Planning a special brunch for your mother, sisters or aunts? 

We are thrilled to be able to capture these precious moments, to leave you with heartwarming heirlooms and memories!

  • 2.5 hrs. Photo Session

  • Wardrobe & Styling Assistance

  • 2 Wardrobe Changes

  • 2 Set Changes/1 Location

  • 45+ digital images, Lightly Retouched

  • In Person Photo Reveal & Selection 

  • 1 complementary 8.5x11in Print of your choice


Our Branding Work

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