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True Power Journey- The Art Of Intentional Living

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The TRUE POWER JOURNEY is a series of classes created for women seeking to learn, explore, and understand more about themselves on a deeper and more intentional level. This is a 29 week immersive learning journey, that is accompanied by other powerful women, all seeking to know themselves more deeply, just like you! We take simple and relatable approach to our teaching style- we learn together, everyone has something beneficial to offer! In this course, we meet weekly to discuss class themes, activities and share our progress. We are down to earth, and chill, but very focused on getting and spreading this good love! We meditate together, we laugh and cry together, we share our goals and support one another, authentically and with such joy in our hearts! We learn what it means to recognize and accept the love, support and abundance all around us, while pouring into one another on every level. We do the deep digging and diving, we face some of the ugliest and hardest parts of our lives here together, we overcome and triumph, TOGETHER! We learn to accept that healing, love, growth are all things we cultivate within us, and they are birthright by design! Each Manual contains powerful information for your enrichment, as well as a series of activities, rituals and exercises, that immerse us in all the senses, so that we have a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional experience, ensuring that we can all learn and participate, whether visual, oral or hands-on learners.

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