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Thank you for stopping by our site. If you are here, you are likely in search of our artistic services, or you are seeking to join the TRUE POWER movement! We are currently undergoing a spiritual and physical evolution and must step away for a moment. We are formulating something powerful to share with you, as you embark or continue on your personal healing journey!

We provide a sanctuary where the transformative and healing power of various art forms come alive. Our expertise primarily focuses on mental and emotional healing. How often do we pay attention to our mental and emotional wellbeing? Most times, we tend to focus on the physical at the expense of the mind and soul. 

In True Power, we believe in the intrinsic healing power that lies within diverse art forms. From the expressive strokes of painting, the surreal beauty of digital art, the timeless soul of music, the expressive power of dance, the tactile connection with textile art, to the raw truth in photography - all are instruments for profound healing. Creative arts therapy has been proven as a potent tool in managing mental and emotional health issues as well as helping one make sense of their personal life experiences. We have worked gracefully to create and offer therapeutic courses, workshops, sessions and events utilizing these art forms to help women move from spaces of hurt to places of healing and growth!


The launch of In True Power promises not just an art therapy center,  but a home where BIWOC can feel seen, heard, and uplifted. The focus on spirituality and arts therapy combines a myriad of approaches to connect women deeply with their inner selves and promote emotional wellbeing.

 As we count down to the launching of In True Power, we invite you to join us in this journey of collective recovery and transformation. The question that remains is, are you willing to embrace the transformation that awaits in the heart of your TRUE POWER? Sign up below to receive updates on when the site has officially launched. In the meantime, please explore our photographic services!

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See you Soon!

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